TOBH Atty V2 (SS / Brass / Copper)

by Tobh
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TOBH Atty V2


303 stainless one-piece Body/ Negative Posts won't turn or move...ever
Solid copper bottom contract
Post holes are .05" (fifty thousandths) to easily accommodate a wide size range of kanthal wire sizes (28,26,24 22 etc.) or for easy quad coil builds.
High strength PEEK top and bottom Center Post Insulator Rated for 480F
18-8 stainless black oxidized Machine Screws
Red Silicone O-rings Rated to +450F
303 stainless sleeve with six 1/16 holes placed horizontally so as to create better distribution of air flow across the coils which, combined equate to three 1/8th inch holes
Stainless finned Top-Cap with a conical internal design to decrease the occurrence of turbulent air flow or low pressure/idle zones (Bernoulli's principle) Additionally the fins act as fully functional heat sinks which simultaneously disperse heat away from the coils and mouth piece
Deep laser engraving on the sleeve and atty base that won't polish off.