Jail Disposable - 500 Puff - Designed for Jails - No Metal

Introducing the Jail Disposable Ecig

WholesaleVapor.com is pleased to announce the launch of the jail disposable ecig. This product was specifically designed with jails in mind. Instead of making the unit out of metal, we made it out of plastic, so it cannot be turned into a metal weapon. This product works amazing, and is already sold in jails across the country. Major revenue increase It is no secret that some jails are hurting for funding right now. When funding is inadequate, it becomes difficult to make the necessary repairs to the grounds and equipment. The sale of disposable ecigs in the jail can add a new stream of revenue into the jails coffers. One of the jails we do business with, made enough to buy the jail a brand new SUV! Jails across the country are now reaping the benefits. Customizations For orders of 5000 units or more, on request, we can print individual serial numbers on each unit. This helps for creating check in/check out systems with the unique serial number for each product. This can help you ensure that units from outside of the jail do not make their way in. We can print them in any color,(such as blue, red, jump suit orange), but we stock them for immediate order, in black. Custom orders we can write "For Institutional Use Only" down the side of them, and we can write your jail/prison name. Any customization can be made with an order of 5000 units. Look no further Selling ecigarettes via commissary is a very profitable concept and is quickly spreading to jails across the country. If you are involved in the jail industry, and are looking for the best ecig to be sold in jails, this is it. You need to look no further, we guarantee you that this is the best jail disposable on the market. You could go try to save a little bit buying elsewhere, but the fact is that we went through many products to find the best unit, it took an extensive amount of time and testing. Our top jailer, who is moving the most units, completely refuses to sell anything else but these. These are the ones you want. If you have any questions, contact us at anytime.

Jail Disposable - Main Features:

-Realistic look and feel

-500 Puffs per unit

-Fully charged and ready to use.

-Helps keep prisoners calm and content.

-Already sells in many jails.

-Tar free & odorless

-Custom orders available in any nicotine strength.