HoneyStick Twist 510 CBD Vape Battery & Charger

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Wholesale Vapor is an official wholesale distributor of Honeystick wholesale vape products. The Honeystick Twist 510 is one of the top CBD vape batteries that is most commonly used with 510 vape cartridges filled with CBD oil. The Honeystick CBD vape battery is a 500mah variable voltage battery that is controlled by a twist knob. Adjust it from 2.0v up to 4.0v. Honeystick wholesale CBD vape batteries are available in four great colors including Red, Blue, Stainless Steel and Black! A must have for any vape shop already carrying 510 CBD vape cartridges. 

These batteries are also used in many states where Cannabis is legal, to vape 510 cartridges filled with Cannabis THC oil. But for states where the vaping of Cannabis remains illegal, these can be used to vape CBD oil and are considered one of the top cbd vape battery products on the market!