Kanger Evod Glass Blister Pack Kit

by Kanger
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Kanger eVod Glass Blister Kit

This fantastic-looking kit is perfect for new or experienced vaper users out there.

Product Description

This kit includes everything you‰۪ll need to start vaping right out of the box. This set up is easy to use, looks sleek, and performs excellently. Just add some juice, and this kit includes everything you‰۪ll need to vape with great style, performance, and Kanger quality.

The Evod Glass tanks are bottom dual coil designed, which ensures that your wicks remain saturated with juice. The heating coil is placed at the bottom which is much better for heating the e-liquid, so you don‰۪t need to continuously reverse the cartomizer.

They have replaceable heads, so you can use the tank indefinitely and replace only the heads. The Evod batteries are top of the line ego batteries, and they have a unique feature. They‰۪ve a constant voltage output of 3.7 volts. They‰۪ll hit hard throughout the discharge cycle of the battery. These batteries will provide you with the same great power from the start of your day until the very end.

What more can you ask for in a starter kit? Great. Has a smooth hit. And lots of vape!

Comes With:

USB charger

EVOD Glass clearomizer - dual coil coils

650mAh battery

Kanger Blister Starter Kits Available in 8 Colors!!!

USB Charger Cord Instructions:

1. Unscrew the cap of clearomizer by turning anticlockwise.

2. Inject e-liquid into the clearomizer.

3. Screw the cap back and connect the clearmoizer with the battery.

4. Press the switch button 5 times continually within 3 seconds to unlock/lock the battery. Under unlock state, press and hold the switch button to release vapor and take puff.

5. For charging the battery by USB charger, the 4.2V and 5.0V are both allowed as input voltage