Vape Bins - Acrylic - Small

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We run 3 vape shops here in NY and utilizing small acrylic bins, with a barcode system has proven to be a great way to organize all of the juice that we carry in our store. These bins can fit about 20 average sized 15ml bottles and 12 average sized 30ml bottles. Every single flavor/strength of juice in our shop is in a slatwall bin, with a barcode on the front, the barcode consists of the product name, price, and the barcode. We utilize Shopkeep POS system on an IPAD, and have a wireless bluetooth barcode scanner that allows us to scan each bin as we grab the liquid out of it. If you are looking for a great way to organize in your shop, this is it. We do the same thing with atomizers, batteries, coils, and anything else that can fit. This also makes doing inventory counts much easier, and allows for quick checkouts when your store is crowded. These are 5.5 Inches wide and 4.5 inches deep. The back is 3" tall, and the front is 2" tall, it tapers down slightly from the back to front of the unit.