Boiler Maker Eliquid - Max VG - 100ml

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Nicotine Level

Boilermaker 100ml Max VG IS HERE. Now you can get your favorite liquid in MAX VG formula.

Flavors available

VISE - Strong and unyielding, the forceful grip of the VISE seizes your senses and, unapologetically, never surrenders. One taste and you too will be a prisoner to the robust watermelon, honeydew,lychee, and pomegranate flavors trapped inside the vise.

HAMMER - Powerfully built for making lasting impressions, the loudly accentuated, hard-hitting HAMMER is one you'll never forget. Thundering in magnanimous layers of crisp vanilla, savory butternut, and hazelnut toffee. This flavor-dominated, taste-bud pulverizer will blow you away!

RIVET - A Classic 1950's Strawberry Malt.

Anvil - Solidly weighted and hardened maturity, ANVIL, is the genesis of every creation in boilermaker history. it's deceivingly simple, yet full bodied, dense caramel and sweet cream foundation wields a savory, rich, palate-pleasing, flavor that will make you feel reborn.

100ml Bottle
Handcrafted in the U.S.A