Okami Eliquid 100ML - Clearance

by Okami
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Nicotine Strength

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Flavor Profiles:

Haute Mocha - The rich espresso notes blend with other, diverse coffee flavor profiles to jolt the palate just like morning Java.

Berry Go Yard - This vibrant combination of mixed berries and yogurt is designed to tantalize and captivate connoisseurs and renowned aficionados alike.

Kool Lagerfeld - Looking for a fresh and sweet cool mixture of apple and pear absorbs into the taste buds with a subtle breeze of fresh menthol.

Lychee Lauren - Combining the comforting sweetness of white peaches tea with the sweet and vibrant essence of lychee tea combines for a true must try innovative flavor experience.

Lychee Wintour - Just like LYCHEE LAUREN but with cool, refreshing menthol added, this e-juice is sweet and floral, bringing out the best flavors of both peach and lychee to form a hybrid taste sensation.

Dolce & Guava - Must have e-juice for keepers of a higher standard and seekers of rewarding flavors. This is a palate pleasing blend that used the essence of unique and juicy southeast asian fruit extracts.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.