Hohm Tech "Hohm Life" Battery 18650 (Single)

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Built specifically for vapers and the vape industry at heart... We emphasized on safety while using battery steroids. TIRED OF RE-WRAPS? So are we. Hohm Tech cells come standard with UAC (unique authenticity code) attached to each cell.

Step 1 Started with the tried and true LG H Series battery chemistry

Step 2 Collaboration & guidance from the source of it all, IC (aka: Indonesia Chemistry)

Step 3 Lowered internal resistance by a multitude of various internal modifications (used UHPAI for cathode tag, shortened cathode tag, among other mods)

Step 4 After 1000’s of trials and tests, we zero’d in on the perfect combination of what we call PPLS (Price, Power, Longevity, & Safety)

Step 5 Expanded our safety efforts by placing EPTC rings in each and every battery as well as integrated updated Poly Seals.


The 'GO' All Day Battery

3077mAh | 20.7A CC | 36.3A Pulse & Peak
Can be charged at a tested/proven 4.25A rating
Yes, 4.25, as in FOUR POINT TWO FIVE. It is possible, tested, proven, and approved**

Designed to feed insanely power-hungry devices without having to swap batteries every other minute
Mn and Mn inert replaced by additional 2.5% Cobalt (Co) & Nickel (Ni) proprietary levels
*Exceeds all previous designs and chemistry results with greater amperage and capacity

EPTC (Enhanced Positive Thermal Coefficient)
*Reduction in Thermal Runaway potential

Updated Poly Seal
*Enhances security of seal & proper operation

Cathode Tag made from UH Purity Aluminum
*Ultra-High Purity (UHP)

"Ahead of schedule" chem bonding to 2017 Li-Mn specifications
NEW Mn bonding process that achieves greater purity
*Cycle Life is increased to 75% nominal average of original capacity

NEW NiCo Meld over 10kHz
*process increases charging rate to 4.25A from previous 4A


Lithium Ion Battery Warning:

Consult a certified lithium ion specialist or certified battery pack assembler if there are any uncertainties or questions on the use of, handling of, installation of, or storage of lithium ion batteries. Consumer safety is of utmost importance.

  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • DO NOT store or carry batteries unprotected.
  • DO NOT use lower resistance (Ω) # OR exceed any cell limitation as indicated on cell.
  • DO NOT use in device that allows batteries to touch that are facing opposing directions (risk severe burn injury and explosion).
  • DO NOT install, use, or charge backwards or improper configuration.
  • DO NOT use a battery that has ANY dents, tears, punctures, or any other damage at all to its structure or outer label wrapping (risk severe burn injury). Inspect each battery carefully before use. This ensures safe, reliable, consistent operation, and functionality.
  • DO NOT use if hot to touch. Risk severe burn injury and explosion.
  • DO NOT charge over 4.2v or discharge below specified cut-off volts.
  • * Lithium ion batteries have inherent risks that can cause severe burn injury, fire, or an explosion if not handled and used properly. Always use in compliance to an application’s power requirements and proper use that is within battery capabilities.