Twist Eliquid 120ml - (Twist-Honey Twist-Cookie Twist) New Flavors


Iced Pink Punch 120ML Lemon Twist By Twist E-Liquid                                  Our award winning pink punch lemonade flavor with a cool breeze added to it. Vaping this will leave you wanting more. .

Golden Coast Lemon Bar 120ML Lemon Twist By Twist E-Liquids          A tart, rich, and oh so delicious lemon bar dessert vape fresh out of the oven.

Strawberry Mason Lemonade 120ML Lemon Twist By Twist E-Liquids      Fresh squeezed lemonade with sweet muddled strawberries to provide the perfect vaping experience.

Pink Punch Lemonade 120ML Lemon Twist By Twist E-Liquids                Freshly squeezed lemons with a tart mixed red berry fusion vape. 

Wild Watermelon Lemonade 120ML Lemon Twist By Twist E-Liquids           The summertime favorite vape, sweet watermelon and tart lemonade.

Peach Blossom Lemonade 120ML Lemon Twist By Twist E-Liquids        Enjoy the sweet mix of ripe peaches, sliced and blended with freshly squeezed lemonade, to create the perfect vape sensation.

Chilled Melon Remix 120ML Melon Twist E-Liquid By Twist E-Liquids              Our classic honeydew melon chew with an added cool breeze. Guaranteed to cool you under the warm Cali sun.

Watermelon Madness 120ML Melon Twist By Twist E-Liquids                          A savory summertime watermelon vape that will make your taste buds go nuts

Honeydew Melon Chew 120ML By Melon Twist E-Liquid                              A perfect blend of honeydew and cantaloupe melons with a real sweetness to provide the perfect vape experience.

Tropical Pucker Punch 120ML Fruit Twist By Twist E-Liquids                          A secret blend of exotic fruits for  a special vape flavor!

Mango Cream Dream 120ML LIMITED EDITION by Twist Eliquid                    A sweet and delicious cream flavor, with fresh mangoes! A sweet and savory blend that you can use all day. T

Cookie Twist Frosted Sugar Cookie 120ML                                                        A light and airy, almost cake-like confection, topped with warm vanilla frosting and sprinkles!

Apple Twist  Crisp Apple Smash                                                                      A magnificent blend of apples to really juice things up! Appreciate a ripe, squeezed red apple that will make you excited to the core.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
        Nicotine is an addictive chemical