Twist Eliquid 120ml - (Twist, Honey, Cookie Twist) New Flavors

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Purple No.1 (Formerly Berry Lemonade Medley)                                                          Blueberry fruit extracts are mixed with lemon flavoring to produce a unique and memorable burst of flavor.  

Purple Grape (Formerly Berry Mix)                                                                                 This flavor is a decadent blend of flavors that draw inspiration from ripened grapes, fresh strawberries, and supple blueberries

Pink 0° (Formerly Pink Punch)                                                                            Pink lemon extracts inspired by a favorite summertime drink gets a punch of fruit flavors and menthol for a chilled effect.       

Crimson No.1 (Formerly Strawberry Crush)                                                                   Vine-ripe strawberry flavors are perfectly mixed with lemon extracts to create a dazzling e-liquid taste like no other.

Golden Coast Lemon Bar 120ML Lemon Twist By Twist E-Liquids          A tart, rich, and oh so delicious lemon bar dessert vape fresh out of the oven.

Strawberry Mason Lemonade 120ML Lemon Twist By Twist E-Liquids      Fresh squeezed lemonade with sweet muddled strawberries to provide the perfect vaping experience.

Pink No.1 (Formerly Pink Punch Lemonade)                                                      Freshly squeezed lemons with a tart mixed red berry fusion vape. 

Wild Red (Formerly Wild Watermelon Lemonade)                                                 The summertime favorite vape, sweet watermelon and tart lemonade.

Yellow Peach (Formerly Peach Blossom Lemonade)                                                   Enjoy the sweet mix of ripe peaches, sliced and blended with freshly squeezed lemonade, to create the perfect vape sensation.

Chilled Remix (Formerly Chilled Melon Remix)                                                         Keep your mouth watering and taste buds tingling with this blend of sweet watermelon and cool menthol                      

Red No.1 (Formerly Watermelon Madness)                                                                 A savory summertime watermelon vape that will make your taste buds go nuts

Green No.1 (Formerly Honeydew Melon Chew)                                                A perfect blend of honeydew and cantaloupe melons with a real sweetness to provide the perfect vape experience.

Blend No.1 (Formerly Tropical Pucker Punch)                                                             A secret blend of exotic fruits extracts, blended to perfection!

Mango Cream Dream                                                                                             A sweet and delicious cream flavor, with fresh mangoes! A sweet and savory blend that you can use all day. T

Frosted Amber (Formerly Frosted Sugar Cookie)                                                        A light, airy, cake-like confection topped with warm vanilla drizzle and sprinkled with candied sweetness.

Crisp Apple Smash                                                                                              A perfect blend of crisp and tart apples to really juice things up!



Bottle Size: 2 x 60ML (milliliters)

VG/PG: 70/30

WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
        Nicotine is an addictive chemical